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Jessica Lane Jordan

As I've fallen in love with preserving my own family's photos, I've discovered joy in adding a little spice to our memories with my own artistic perspective and style. 

I am continually developing my own sense of photography style.  I shoot in natural light and strive to capture moments that reflect real life.  I love pops of color and appreciate contrast.  My final images tend to be bright and vibrant.  Particularly when I'm photographing newborns, I'm drawn to light and bright (which I feel celebrates their innocence).  At this point, I think lifestyle portraits are my love.  When I can opportunely photograph an expression or face the way that the people who love the subject most sees them, that is success to me.  I also love capturing quiet details.  

I am no longer booking professional photo sessions.  I will still be pursuing photography, but my focus will be on my family and my own artistic endeavors.  

~ Jessica

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