What's New in 2018


Two years ago I took a plunge ...

and turned my hobby of photography into a business.  I have learned so much!  I funded some amazing gear, and I pushed myself in really challenging ways.  I also learned that at this point in my life ... I actually really don't want to be a photographer in the professional sense.  This was a hard pill for me to swallow given that I tend to stick with things no matter how hard they are.  It isn't that I was never supposed to set out on this venture ... I think it was the exact path I needed to take.  However, it has circled me back to a place where I just want to pause and immerse myself in the art of my craft and see where that takes me.


I see beauty all around me everyday, and I have this strong desire to capture it.  I can't help myself.  The internal drive to keep photographing things always wins out.  Plus, I just want to freeze time as I'm raising 3 wonderful little people and watching my best friends do the same.

As with any job or hobby, there are hills and valleys.  Sometimes, I just get stuck creatively. I need new people/places/situations to photograph to inspire me.  Therefore, I am participating in a really fun project this year with some gifted photographers.  Our "Life from this Lens" blog circle is my first attempt at getting my creative energy flowing again after being quite honestly very burnt out.  I almost gave up my website domain back in December ... but I decided to renew for another year.  Just shortly after that, my wonderful friend Kelly invited me to this new blog project.

I laughed as I told her, "well I'd love to ... but one problem ... I don't have a blog."  

She graciously welcomed me to the project even blog-less, but I'm not one to show up empty handed. 

So, here goes nothing ... a little blog project for the year that will be entirely focused on personal artistic growth and sharing my love of the lens.

IMG_0884-Edit copy.jpg

My style

Like most artists, I have been given a unique eye.  My main photography traits are: color, emotion, and brightness.  I find these as themes in most of my work, even when it's not the intention I set out for. 

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